-Digital Filming-

High Definition or Standard Digital

from: £300.00 per day + vat

At Filming For Research Ltd we only use the best Digital Filming equipment, encompassing Sony Ultimate Full HD or Standard Digital video cameras.

Our Filming Kit comes complete with Video Camera – recording to High Definition and/or MP4, Professional Directional Microphones (either on board or table mounted – depending on the filming venue), Professional Tripod and MP4 Recorder.

We can record to High Defintion H264 & MP4 format, for seamless control for transfer via e-mail and editing.

Our technicians always carry spare equipment as standard, in the rare event that there is a problem with any piece of our kit, so they can change it in minimal time ensuring your filming remains on schedule.

We guarantee to produce the best possible Picture and Sound within our capabilities, giving you our client the best possible service. Filming Services include. but are not restricted to:

  • Video Link/Video Relay
  • Cameraman Filming
  • Vox Pops
  • Car Clinics
  • Focus Groups/Depths/Ethnos
  • In Car filming/Dashboard Mounted Cameras
  • Web Streaming
  • Picture In Picture/Usability Kits
  • In Store Filming (Covert/Hidden cameras)

Please see our Services Page or Prices page for more info.